Stream with Rapids Autumn

Stream with Rapids, Autumn

Mixed media (oil over acrylic), 20 x 16. The technique I used on this painting was to underpaint with many colors of acrylic, then use charcoal to establish the composition, then (first fixing the charcoal and acrylic base) applying oil for the more opaque areas. The technique is similar to that used on Shack in the Woods.

The painting was accepted in the Art League of Alexandria show in July 2006.

It was included in the "Corcoran/MPA Student Show" at the Ramp Gallery, McLean, in June 2010.

April-May 2013 — I was awarded Best of Show at the Parkridge show in Reston.

I originally called it "Stream in Autumn, Martinique" but was later unsure that it was actually in Martinique so shortened it to current name.